Blackout USA Review – Are You Ready For Darkest Days?

Many people think an EMP attack is just a fake story but let me tell you… EMP attack thread is real and it is one of the biggest thread in our beloved country…

A single EMP attack is powerful enough to destroy every power station and substation in our country within just few minutes. Additionally, enemy nation such as Iran and Russia has already planning about EMP attack on America.

EMP AttackAdditionally, building an EMP device doesn’t cost millions. An EMP that can stops your TV, car, AC, refrigerator, micro oven, Smart Phone etc can be build with few bucks, batteries and spare parts of any camera. It is so simple that even 12 years student can build it.

Our Government is spending millions on military but they are not spending a dime on protecting us against EMP attack. It is the time you have to realize that it is you and ONLY YOU that have to protect your family first. It is you that have to adopt necessary steps to protect your family and community from EMP attack.

This is where you can take help from Alec Deacon’s Blackout USA (also called Darkest Days). But before taking out your wallet and purchasing this program I would like you to read this Blackout USA review which is based on highly researched facts. At the end of this review your all doubts regarding this EMP survival plan will disappear and you able to decide if it is for you or not.

Let’s start the review…

Who is Alec Deacon?

I don’t purchase anything online that comes from shady source. However, when I decided to purchase this program I conducted my own research on Alec Deacon as I don’t know him.

In my research I discovered Alec Deacon is the author of best-selling survival guide called Backyard Liberty and he is also the editor-in-chief of popular survival website called Survivopedia which seems to be quality source for survival and living off grid.

Additionally, I also found that Alec has twenty years of experience in studying survival strategies. This basically means that he knows a thing or two about survival in difficult situations.

After considering all these points I conclude that Alec Deacon is some sort of authority when it comes to survival and we can trust him. I am very glad to see Alec is sharing his twenty years of experience with us and we can learn much from him and protect our families when things go bad.

In case you haven’t watch video presentation that Alec has created then you can watch it below:

blackout usa video

What is Blackout USA (Darkest Days)?

Blackout USA (Darkest Days) guideThis 161 pages EMP survival guide is created by Alec Deacon who is very popular author of best-selling ‘Backyard Liberty’ program. This guide contains step-by-step information on how to protect your electronic gadgets if EMP attack occurs. In case if there is no EMP attack occurs then you can utilize this information whenever there is temporary blackout in your city.

This Blackout USA guide contains the combine experience and research of Alec Deacon and Charles Green who spend nearly two years with Amish population to learn and understand how they are living off the grid without any modern technology.

Alec and Charles have revealed 5 most necessary devices that one needs whenever there is an EMP attack or temporary blackout for few hours. In this guide you will also find out information about how to keep violent looters away from your home when there is any EMP attack.

Since EMP attack affects your car as well that is why you will find complete guidelines on how to fix your EMP-affected car without any professional help. Additionally, you will find out secrets about how Amish community keeps their foods and medicines fresh without electronic-fridge.

Along with Darkest Days main manual you will also get two valuable bonuses. These are:

Bonus #1 – How To Make Your Own Pharmacy: This is short but very informative guide on survival medicines. This guide will show you some very effective natural remedies that you can use at the time when there is no professional doctor around you. Additionally, this short guide will tell you some best ways to protect your medicines.

Bonus #2 – Off-Grid Home Protection System: This is the guide that will tell you how to protect your home from looters and criminals when there is no electricity in your home. Additionally, this guide will cover topics like best dog breeds for home protections and how to plant defensive bushes.

Here’s What You Will Find Inside Blackout USA:

  • Detailed steps on how to create small protection cage (something like Faraday Cage) with the help of common household items which will protect your all electronic devices.
  • 3 simple ways to create your own electricity and keep your appliances running when all U.S power grid system are down
  • 5 essential devices that you need at the time of EMP attack to locate safe and secure destination
  • List of 7 most important foods and medicines at the time of EMP attack and way to protect them without any fridge
  • Simple and Effective ways to locate safe destination even before leaving your home

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Feeling of Protected – By applying the information of Blackout USA in your practical life you will feel protected against EMP attack. Always remember, no one come to protect your family when EMP attack occurs, it is you and ONLY YOU that have to protect your family.

Save Money On Faraday Cage – A simple pre-made faraday cage can cost you over $1000 but if you use the information that is available inside Darkest Days you simply don’t need to spend $1000 on Faraday Cage as you can build it by using some common household items

Home Remedies to Heal Injuries – There are many home remedies that are very effective in healing injuries. Some of these home remedies can save money on buying medicines.

Easy To Utilize – May be you are feeling it is really difficult to build something like Faraday Cage to protect electronic devices but once you start reading Blackout USA you will realize how easy it is to protect electronic device during an EMP attack.

Created by Experts – Alec and Charles are experts when it comes to survival. Alec spent almost 2 decades in learning about every type of survival situation. He is expert in rural and wilderness survival. While Charles spent two years with Amish community to learn about how they are living off-grid without any modern technologies.

Unlimited Access To Membership Area – At one-time payment you will get unlimited access to membership area where you can ask any question about survival from Alec and Charles.

Available in Digital and Physical Copy – Alec is charging same $37 for digital or physical copy but it is important to remember buyers have to pay shipping cost that is $7.98

60-Days Money Back Guarantee – With the help of money back guarantee you can easily test this program and see if it is useful for you or not.


Focus Only On EMP Attack – Although EMP attack can become most deadly attack on our country but still I believe that Charles and Alec should provide some more information about rural and wilderness survival.

Do you Really Need Blackout USA?

It’s totally depends on you!!

If you think EMP attack is fake, or you can survive without any electricity or you already have Faraday Cage to protect your electricity gadgets then you simply don’t need to invest your money in Alec’s EMP survival plan.


If you are the head of your family or you want to protect your family from upcoming EMP attack then you should invest in this program. This is short but very effective plan that you can use whenever there is electricity break down in your city or country. Don’t forget you have full 60-days money back guarantee to test this program without any risk

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Our Conclusion:

As with any other program of this kind, Blackout USA contains some strong points as well as some weak points. It is important to remember it is not the complete survival guide and the information that is provided by Alec in this program covers only about EMP attack.

With that said, Blackout USA (or Darkest Days) contains refund policy that you can use to try this program without any risk at all. This is really the best thing to check if it is really what you are looking for or not?

get blackout usa and bonuses

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