Two Skills You Should Learn To Survive EMP Attack

EMP AttackMany people think EMP attack is fake but after researching and talking with many army officers, I can say that with the increasing numbers of enemies, our country is at high risk of obtaining such attack. And the main problem is creating EMP bomb is very simple as it only needs some household items and old camera accessories that are easily available online.

Truly speaking electricity and electronic devices can completely change our lives. We can’t think about living without electricity even for one second so what will happen when we completely get a blackout in our country. Sorry to tell you but even your best friend can’t able to help you after EMP attack. Additionally, due to global warming our country is getting natural disaster almost every 2 or 3 months.

How can you survive when there is no electricity? How can you cook food for your family or keep your house warm?

The simple answer is by learning two skills that I am going to reveal in this post. With these two skills, you can survive in almost any extreme situation. Additionally, these two skills are so simple that any of your family member (expect kids) can learn them.

Ok let’s talk about three skills

Skill #1 – Lighting:

Oil LampSuppose you are watching your favorite episode on TV with your wife and two beautiful daughters but suddenly everything goes black then what will be your first step? Of course, you are going to find some source of light so you can see your family members and protect them.

All emergency lights, Smartphones, street lights will be death then how you can light up your home?

This is where you can take help from Chemical Stick Light (commonly known as Candles)

But wait… Although Candles are EMP-proof but they are messy, dim and vulnerable to the wind. You can use a candle to provide temporary light but what about the long term solution. I am talking about something in the range of 7-8 hours.

This is why I recommend oil lamps/lantern instead of candles.

You have to purchase oil lamp and keep it somewhere in your house that can easily be accessible.

My personal favorite is Dietz Original Hurricane Oil Lantern because it is cheap, lightweight and small which makes it very easy to use. It can be used indoor and outdoor both. It contains fuel capacity of 8 oz and can provide light for up to 11 hours. It provides brighter lighter than 7 candles combine. It cost around $18 and consumes just 3 cents of oil to provide light.

Additionally, you can use Oil Lantern anytime whenever there is a temporary breakdown in your area. All you have to do is to learn how to operate it correctly. If you are planning for camping then you can take it with you as well. There are many benefits of this small device

When choosing oil for your lantern then you have to use one of the oils from my recommended list. Here are oils that I recommend with oil lantern

  • Standard Lamp Oil
  • Klean-heat kerosene substitute
  • Non-dyed Clear Kerosene

Avoid using paraffin oils such as wax oil because they burn half as bright as the ones that I mentioned above. Additionally, if the wick is contaminated in paraffin oil then you have to replace it before you can use it with any other oil that I recommend above.

Skill #2 – Purify Water:

Purify WaterAfter you have light in your house then the very next thing you need to survive is water. It doesn’t matter either you are using filter water from the tap or bottled water after an EMP attack there will be a shortage of water as pumping stations stop flowing water in your house and water will be sold out from the shops. If you caught in the city then it will be going to take a lot of hours to reach stores that have water available.

So, what is the solution?

The simple solution for you is to learn the skill of purifying water. If there is raining or snow outside then you should learn how to collect rain or snow. If there is well in your area then you have to install pumping machine. If you are outdoor then you have to learn how to collect water vapors that rises from the soil.

Without the good knowledge about how to collect and preserve water, it is useless to learn water purifying skill.

One thing you have to keep in mind is if EMP is trigger by a nuclear event then the water you going to collect outside is not going to be suitable for drinking even if you clean it by using bleach, tablets and any other form of chemical filtration.

The only way to clean water (remove germs, bacteria, chemicals and all other radioactive materials) distills the water. I don’t waste your time by explaining each and every step about how to distill the water. I feel practical video is much better than step-by-step guidelines. Here is the video from my friend who teaches you how to distill water and make it drinkable

Ok, let’s move to the next step

[BONUS] How To Protect And Make Your Electronic Device EMP-Proof?

Whenever we think about protecting the electronic device from EMP attack we get the idea of Faraday cage. Faraday cage (also known as Faraday Shield) is the cage or box that is created with such materials that able to block electric waves.

Although Faraday cage seems legit idea to protect electronic device but the cost of good quality Faraday cage is around $1000 that is pretty much high. However, there is free information available on how to create Faraday Cage but most of the time they are incomplete and doesn’t contain pictures that made their reader confuse. Additionally, there are free videos available on Youtube but sadly most of them created by people who don’t have any idea about Faraday Cage.

Thankfully, Alec Deacon and the team of Survivopedia came up with the program called Blackout USA in which they will provide each step about how to create Faraday Cage that can protect your electronic device. You can read my complete review on this program by visiting the homepage.



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