How Much Deadly Is EMP Attack?

EMP attackMany Americans close their eyes when they hear about EMP attack. They don’t know EMP attack “Permanent Blackout” is the biggest thread on United State. We Americans can’t think about living without electricity for just 1 minutes so what will happen when we have to live in Permanent Blackout?

Electricity is everywhere around us. Although it takes millions to create electricity power plant but it takes only few hundred dollars to destroy every power plant in United States with the help of EMP device. Let me tell you an EMP device is so easy and even there are many Youtube videos that provide complete instructions on how to build EMP device with few dollars and camera spare parts.

But, I want to congratulate you because you finally decided to search about EMP attack.

In this post I am going to show you how much damage an EMP attack can create in just one day, 3 most dangerous places in EMP attack and best way to protect your electronic devices.

But first let me give you brief overview on EMP attack.

What is an EMP Attack?

EMP is the short bursts of Electromagnetic Energy at different frequency. Although they are not exact frequency but they occur in between the very low AM (Amplitude Modulation) radio frequency to very high FM (Frequency Modulation) spectrum. This means that a single EMP attack is powerful enough to stop every electronic device from working.

EMP attack can be weaponized, meaning revival military forces that trigger an EMP attack and even terrorist organization also capable to trigger an EMP attack. Additionally, scientists already warned US Government about upcoming large solar flares which cause natural EMP and shut down almost every computer, plane, military system, cars etc.

How Deadly Can Be EMP Attack?

Just for a minute… Think when is there is no light in your house. No TV, refrigerator, computer, washing machine, cooker, fan, AC is working in your home. There is no way you can cook food for your family and even bad there is no gas or clean water in tap as water companies use industrial machine for filtering and supplying water.

Think what will happen when there is no device to find what is actually happening in your home… You’re completely disconnected from the entire world.

EMP is powerful enough to make your car or motorcycle engine fried… You have to run on your foot for food as you realize only few days of food left in your house.

Suddenly every American start relying on packed foods and within just one hour every packed food will disappear from shelves. Grocery stores is permanently closing down leaving no option for you to purchase food.

It will be worst situation for those people who are unprepared for such disaster as they never realize America and western countries are hated by many nations that always desire to see our country collapse.

There will additional panic when everyone starts fighting and killing other people just for few packs of food – A panic that is created by EMP within just one hour.

Jumbo Jets Will Start Falling From Sky:

plane falling downYes, an EMP attack can fried up computers and electronic devices in any airplane causing 250,000 deaths. What? 250,000?

Yes according to an expert, there are around 4,000 commercial flights at any given time that carry 250,000 to 500,000 passengers on them. When their on-board computers and devices stop working they can’t able to do emergency landing.

No Way to Contact – Total Offline:

When EMP attack will take place there will be no way you can contact with your friends and ask for help. They are already busy in arranging foods for their family and most probably they will not offer you help even if you offer them money.

There will be no TV in which you can switch on news channel and find what’s happening in the country.

There will be no navigation working that will show you route to the safe location.

And even worst robbers, looters and criminals will all out in the road and no policemen or authority can stop them from looting houses, banks, grocery stores and creating destruction by burning tires and cars on road.

3 Most Dangerous Places To Be In An EMP Attack:

#1 – Commercial Airplane:

Commercial airplane is the most deadly place to be in an EMP attack. Why?

An EMP attack will make their on-board computers fired up and airplane will be on mercy of whatever happens and on the elevation when it comes down on ground. Airplane that lands on solid concrete will be fair statistically as compare to planes that do emergency landing on soil or water.

The only problem with emergency landing is if an EMP attack happens on night then pilots will can’t able to see what’s on ground as their will be no light and if EMP attack happens in daylight then it will be difficult for pilot to find proper concrete landing area.

#2 – Inside Elevators:

elevatorAnother deadly place to be in during EMP attack is inside Elevators. Think for a minute if you stuck in the elevator of a skyscraper in large city that experiencing terrorist attack. It is possible you will stuck there for few hours or even days as there will no one to help you. The only thing you can do in this situation is yell and bang on the side of the elevators until someone comes in and offers help.

Note: Your phone will stop working as well during an EMP attack.

#3 – Hospitals and Nursing Homes:

Hospitals are another worst place to be in during an EMP attack. This is because patients that are connected to electronic machines will stop working. Doctors and nurses will be sent to nearby emergencies. Patients that need medical attention will be on foot and all aid workers will leave hospital to take care of their families.

How to Protect Your Electronic Devices:

The only way you can protect your electronic device from an EMP attack is by building Faraday Cage. Although pre-made Faraday Cage can cost almost $1000 but with the help of metal container and few spare parts you can protect your electronic device.

There is a create program called “Blackout USA (Darkest Days)” in which Alec Deacon has shared complete guidelines on how to built Faraday Cage in just $37 and you will find out some off-grid secrets that are used by Amish community to live without any latest technology and power.

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